High temperature corrosion resistant alloy

Superalloy is a kind of metal material which works for a long time under the action of high temperature and certain stress above 600 ℃. It has high high temperature strength, good oxidation resistance and hot corrosion resistance, good fatigue performance, fracture toughness, plasticity and other comprehensive properties. It has been widely used in energy and power, aerospace, transportation, petrochemical industry, metallurgy, mining and other fields. Corrosion resistant alloys are a series of high nickel (w (Ni) ≥ 30%) corrosion-resistant structural materials, including nickel based and iron nickel based corrosion-resistant alloys, which have good intergranular corrosion resistance, pitting corrosion resistance, stress corrosion resistance, etc. after hot deformation and forming, they can be used in high temperature and corrosion-resistant harsh environment. The products are widely used in chemical industry, petroleum, hydrometallurgy, nuclear power, marine development, It can be said that high temperature and corrosion resistant alloys are indispensable metal materials in the industrial field. The company introduces vacuum induction furnace, electroslag furnace, vacuum consumable furnace, protective atmosphere electroslag furnace and other advanced smelting equipment, establishes a special metallurgical production workshop, equipped with forging, hot rolling, heat treatment, finishing, machining and other equipment, which can produce all kinds of bars and wires, and introduces automatic ultrasonic, eddy current and other advanced non-destructive testing systems for bars and wires. Can effectively ensure the quality of products to meet all kinds of customer needs.

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