Valve steel rod of internal combustion engine

The products are mainly used for the manufacture of internal combustion engine valves such as transportation vehicles, automobiles, agricultural machinery, mines, buildings, power generating units, ships and engineering machinery, tanks, armored vehicles, infantry combat vehicles, heavy weapons traction vehicles and various surface ships. The company has become a qualified supplier of Eaton, Ford, sanyai hailing, Japan Japan forging, TRW, Volkswagen Germany, Shanghai Volkswagen, Honda, Toyota, etc., and has been exported to the international markets of the United States, Italy, South Korea, India and the Middle East. The production line is equipped with electric furnace smelting, special smelting, AOD (VOD) furnace, mold casting / continuous casting, hot continuous rolling, cold processing, various heat treatment, online and offline nondestructive testing, finishing and other advanced equipment, and equipped with various advanced detection instruments, which can fully meet the requirements of various users on the quality and performance of products. The main performance indexes of the products have reached the international advanced level, and the sales of gas valve steel have been the first in the same industry in China for many years, and the domestic market share is over 60%. It is the main drafting unit of gb/t12773-2008 steel and alloy steel rod for internal combustion engine air valve, gb/t23337-2009 technical conditions for inlet and exhaust valve of internal combustion engine, t/ssea001-2018 steel for internal combustion engine air valve and alloy silver bar.

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