Special stainless steel

Products cover cold heading series, spring steel series, titanium steel series, 316 series, austenitic stainless steel series, martensitic stainless steel series, bearing steel series, 304 series. Shenyuan group's special stainless steel products are mainly made of wire rod, supplemented by bar, and the specifications of wire rod are as follows φ 5 ~ 20mm, bar size φ 30 ~ 105mm, because of its good corrosion resistance, it has become a widely used material in many fields, mainly used in the manufacture of stainless steel fasteners for cold heading, spring stainless steel wire, corrosion-resistant stainless steel wire, corrosion-resistant stainless steel shaft and other products. Compared with the same industry in China, the smelting level of these products companies is in a leading position, forming the differentiation rate with other enterprises and enhancing the competitiveness of products. It is the main drafting unit of GB / T 24588-2019 stainless steel spring wire, GB / T 4240-2019 stainless steel wire, GB / T 4232-2019 stainless steel wire for cold forging, GB / T 3086-2019 high carbon chromium stainless bearing steel and other national standards; Yb / t4770-2019 "green design product evaluation specification stainless steel for kitchenware" and other major industry standards drafting units; T / ssea0012-2017 "stainless steel for cold heading" and other group standards are the main drafters.

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